Sand and Water Tables are Entertaining and Educational

Sand and water tables can provide hours of fun for young children, and with the right table for your environment, major messes and clean-up can be minimised. Get a small play table for special occasions or a large outdoor table to get elbows deep in imaginative play. eBay has a great selection of new and used activity tables from familiar brands, with sizes and styles to suit any budget.

Can you get replacement play table parts?

Yes. Over time a well-used activity table may get damaged or become too unsanitary to clean, but you may not need to invest in a whole new table. On eBay, you can search for a replacement tub, a new table lid, or spare legs that fit your existing table.

Ways to minimise mess

Activity tables are undeniably engaging for most children, but setting them up can take a lot of prep and clean-up for the adults taking care of them. Simply getting an activity table with high edges will help keep play contained, and here are a few more tips for minimising mess:

  • Table Lid: Use lids to keep water separate from other materials when you have limited time, and protect the whole play table from contamination when not in use.
  • Pasta or Rice instead of Sand: Different materials provide your child with a different tactile experience, and materials with a larger grain can help contain the mess and keep play-areas sanitary.
  • Go outside: With an outdoor table you can worry a little less about spills and let your children’s imaginations run free.
  • Adjustable Table: If the table is at a comfortable height for your child, accidents will be less likely.
Are sand and water tables educational?

Sand and water tables are great for challenging children’s motor skills as they stand, lean, grasp, lift, and pour. They also engage young minds with sensory materials and allow children to explore the properties of different materials. These activity tables also introduce maths and science concepts when children compare volumes of buckets of different shapes, and observe the motion of flowing materials and how they’re able to modify viscosity.

Keeping your sand and water tables clean

Here are a few best-practices to keep play areas clean:

  • Always use fresh water in your water table.
  • Consider purchasing sterilized sand, so you’re sure your sand table is free of toxins.
  • Regularly sift and turn the sand in your digging pit to bring the bottom sand to the top and expose it to air.
  • Wipe each sandbox toy with a water and bleach solution.