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Schneider Camera Lens Cap

Schneider make a range of protective lens caps for the front and rear of your lenses, so you can ensure they are protected from dust, dirt and fingerprints when not in use. New camera lenses will always come with protective lens caps. Although if you purchased a lens second hand you may need to buy replacement caps. Lens caps are notoriously easy to use while on a photo shoot, so buying spares is important to prevent your lens from being exposed. Schneider camera lens caps cover all lens sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits perfectly.

Why use a lens cap?

Lens caps should be used at all times when the lens is not attached to the camera and they need to be kept on until the moment of use just in case. Lenses are often expensive and accidental damage can be very frustrating, especially as some lenses are very difficult to get hold of. With consistent lens cap use, front and back lens elements will always be clear so images will be of a high quality. It's very easy to lose and misplace lens caps when out on a shoot, but luckily high quality spares can easily be obtained.


The most important measurement is the diameter of the lens that needs replacement caps. Schneider lens caps come in a size range (i.e. 24 - 30 mm) so you can buy lens caps for a lens within a specific range of diameter sizes. Lens caps are designed to slip on easily and stay securely on for the duration of their use.

Build quality

Schneider lens caps are made from the highest quality toughened plastic. They are flexible enough to fit on easily though strong enough to protect the camera lens from any accidental damage from knocks and bumps. A small plastic lip allows you to flip the lens cap off using your finger.

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