Enjoy Improved Mobility with a Scooter Hoist

Scooter hoists can make life significantly easier for persons with reduced mobility. The heavy lifting involved in getting a mobility scooter into our out of a vehicle can be a barrier to mobility. Luckily, a scooter hoist can help to solve this problem. You can find a wide range of new and used scooter hoists on eBay.

Are there portable scooter hoists?

No, in general, scooter hoists designed for daily or frequent use are installed into a vehicle permanently. Most hoists are operated electrically and draw power from your vehicle's electrical system, which makes them rather difficult to move around. You can, however, find some portable hoists that are intended for loading mobility aids into your vehicle on an irregular basis.

How much space does a scooter hoist use?

Most scooter hoists are quite compact. Some models are equipped with a folding mechanism to reduce the amount of space that they occupy when not in use. In general, scooter hoists are designed for use in larger vehicles. When using a scooter hoist in a very small vehicle, finding enough space may be a problem.

How easy is it to use a scooter hoist?

Most scooter hoists can be operated by one person and do not require any advanced technical knowledge to operate. Since each model is unique, it is important to refer to the operating manual before you use the hoist. Always make sure that you observe basic safety rules when operating the hoist to avoid personal injury.

What is a scooter hoist?

A scooter hoist is a mobility aid that is designed to help users to easily lift and load a mobility scooter into a vehicle. Most scooter hoists are mounted in the luggage area of the vehicle and can be deployed easily when needed. Hoists are compatible with a wide variety of mobility scooters and some models can also be used with other mobility devices, like wheelchairs.

What should you look out for when choosing a scooter hoist?

Choosing the right scooter hoist for your needs may seem like a daunting task, but if you keep the following in mind it can be an easy task:

  • Intended use: Before buying a hoist, make sure that you understand what you will be using the hoist for.
  • Compatibility: Make sure that the hoist is compatible with your scooter model to avoid frustration.
  • Weight limit: Check that the hoist is capable of lifting your scooter safely.
  • Ease of use: Make sure that the hoist is easy to operate so that anyone can use it when they need to.