Guidelines on Using Screen Glue to Fix Damaged Electronic Devices

One of the main problems of the touchscreens of electronic devices like smartphones is how easily they can be accidentally damaged. Even a small crack weakens the screen, so it could shatter with a subsequent light knock. The screen offers important protection, and cracks expose its sensitive electronics to environmental factors like dust and water splashes. eBay has a full range of screen glues and adhesives to enable you to fix your screen by yourself, which can save you a fortune on repairs.

How can you select the most suitable screen glue?

Before choosing a screen glue for your electronic device, you should consider:

  • Type of adhesive: Screen glues can be liquid or semi-solid.
  • Adhesive strips: Choose pre-cut strips for your make/model of phone or a roll of double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Brand/Model: Some products on eBay are designed for one specific manufacturer or model.
  • Colour: To ensure invisible repairs, glues can be black or clear.
  • Other accessories: You can purchase only the screen glue or a set with other equipment and tools.
What does a screen glue repair kit contain?

Screen repair kits may be brand- or model-specific or may be general kits suitable for most types of phone. They vary in what they contain, but some pieces of equipment can be purchased separately on eBay, if necessary. They could include some or all of the following:

  • A LCD separator device, such as an automated machine or tools to separate the glass and LCD without damage.
  • A glue remover, such as wipes, a plastic razor, or cutting wire to take off all traces of the old adhesive.
  • A replacement screen specific to the brand/model of phone.
  • A UV light to cure LOCA (liquid optical clear adhesive), so it hardens and stays in place.
How much screen glue do you need?

If you can't find pre-cut adhesive strips for your model of phone, double-sided sticky tape can be found in rolls of 50m with a width of 2mm. This would be sufficient to repair 100 standard-sized screens. LOCA glue is usually sold in bottles of 50ml, which is enough for 2-3 screen repairs. Once opened, the screen glue has a shelf life of about 6 months. However, the lid should be firmly closed, and kept out of direct sunlight.