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Screen Protectors for iPhone 4

Designed to shield the display from scratches and smears, there are a variety of different types of screen protectors for iPhone 4 to choose from. The amount of protection they can offer varies between designs. Some will guard against knocks and bumps while others are made to keep the screen free from dust and dirt.

Making sure it fits

Most screen protectors are shaped to fit a specific make and model of mobile phone, so the first thing to check is that the protector is suitable for an iPhone 4. This means it will be designed to fit exactly onto the screen without the need to adjust the size.

In addition, a screen protector may have pre-cut holes already in place. These are usually positioned over the phone's receiver and home button. This means that the functionality of the phone should not be affected by the presence of the screen protector.

Different types of screen protector

There are two main types of screen protector for the Apple iPhone 4. They are made from self-adhesive plastic film and tempered glass. A film protector is a transparent sheet of plastic that adheres to the phone's display. It may be sold alone or in a multi-pack.

Some plastic protectors come with a polishing cloth to clean the screen before the film is applied. This helps the protector to stick more securely and ensures that no dust or dirt is trapped between the screen and the film sheet.

As well as a protector for the front of the phone, a sheet for the back may also be supplied. This can offer additional protection from damage. Plastic screen protectors can be used in conjunction with most mobile phone covers and cases.

Screen protectors for the iPhone 4 can also be made from tempered glass. As well as guarding against finger marks and blemishes, these screens may help to prevent scratches and other damage from impacting the phone.

Other features to look for

There are a variety of additional features offered by certain iPhone 4 screen protectors. These include a matt or anti-glare finish to make the phone easier to use in sunlight and bright conditions. Some covers are designed to be scratch resistant while others are tinted to add a metallic shade or colour to the phone.

Screen protectors with a reflective finish enable the iPhone 4 to be used as a mirror when the screen is not in use. The protector becomes clear when the phone is turned on and the screen lights up.

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