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Scruffs Dog Supplies

Scruffs Dog Supplies combine traditional fabrics and designs alongside new technology for their range of beds and accessories. There are products to suit every dog’s needs.


Scruffs dog beds come in three styles:

They are available with a number of fabric options, including cashmere, self-heating pads and memory foam. Orthopaedic memory foam beds are great for older dogs with joint or muscle pains.

From Dachshunds to Great Danes and for dogs who just like a lot of space, Scruffs dog beds are available in a variety of sizes.

Leads and head collars 

  • Reflective leads bring extra safety at night, while patterns such as tartan and floral provide extra style for your dog walk.  
  • Leads can be purchased in an array of designs and lengths to suit every pooch.


  • If your dog likes to cuddle up inside a blanket on their bed, this range might be for you. Scruffs blankets include the practical, such water absorbent pads, to the luxury, like thermal self-heating or self-cooling for summer.  
  • Thermal blankets work by combining a foam layer with foil. This reflects back your dog’s own heat to keep them warm during the colder months. 
  • Cooling mats do the opposite. Containing a non-toxic cold gel they are ideal for preventing thick furred dogs from overheating in hot weather.

Dishes and Feeders

  • If your dog has a problem with eating too quickly, you may find a Scruffs anti-gorge bowl useful. 
  • Digestive problems such as vomiting and gagging after food have been linked to fast eating. The bowl works by preventing dogs from taking such large bites and slows down their meal times as a result.


  • There are a variety of collars available in different sizes and colours, including traditional black or brown leather.  
  • Collars come with an adjustable strap and measurements are provided so that you can find the right fit for your dog.
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