Get Set for Fishing Success With the Sea Fishing Tackle You Need

You need good, quality sea fishing tackle and equipment when you go on a fishing trip to the beach or the sea. You want reliable equipment that won't let you down when you are fishing in remote areas. Read more to find high-quality and affordable sea fishing tackle for sale.

Types of sea fishing equipment you will find on eBay

When you need new or used sea fishing tackle, eBay offers a wide variety at inexpensive prices. You will see lures, fishing line, leaders, fishing rods, fishing reels, and fish finders. These items are listed separately or as combinations or sets. There are also fishing items like special clothes, bags, and tackle boxes.

Types of saltwater fishing reels

There are three main types of fishing reels that are used for both shore and boat fishing. These are the types of reels you will use for saltwater fishing:

  • Multiplier reels - These are conventional reels that are good for long casts. The retrieve rate accelerates gradually as the line loads on the spool. Inexpensive multiplier reels tend to have small diameter spools, while more expensive reels with magnetic braking systems are slightly larger in diameter and will unspool at a slower pace. The larger versions are not used for casting.
  • Fixed spool reels or spinning reels - The spool on a spinning reel does not rotate when it is cast or retrieved, which is why it is also called a 'fixed-spool' reel. When the line is cast, it slips over the rim of the spool, which is good for casting lighter lures and floats. The large diameter spool delivers a high retrieval rate. These types of reels are good in combination with light lures when you need to cast longer distances.
  • Drum reels or centre-pin reels - Quality modern drum reels have a smooth, powerful star drag or lever braking system, and they are good to use with a wire line system. Special surf-casting models are designed to be rotated 90 degrees, which allows for a cast in the manner of a fixed spool reel. The large diameter spool delivers a high retrieval rate.
Brands of fishing reels and rods

There are many companies that manufacture reels, rods, and reel and rod combos. These are some of the well-known brands of saltwater fishing equipment and tackle that are commonly listed on eBay:

  • Abu Garcia
  • Daiwa
  • Mitchell
  • Okuma
  • Penn
  • Shakespeare
  • Shimano
Are there specific lures that are good for sea fishing in the UK?

There are many types of lures that are specially designed for sea fishing. Here are some used for surf and boat fishing: paddletail soft plastic, gold spoon, artificial shrimp, bucktail jigs, topwater lure, soft plastic fluke, and suspending twitch bait.