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Sebile Fishing Surface Lures and Poppers

Established in 2006, Sébile Innovative Fishing (more commonly known simply as Sebile) was founded by record-breaking French angler Patrick Sébile after running his own sport fishing lodge in Africa and writing several books on the subject. Combining extensive angling experience with inventive mechanical design processes, Sebile fishing surface lures and poppers have complex body shapes that mirror those of real-life baitfish. Use with a fly fishing rod to get the best results.

Sebile fishing poppers: chuggers and spitters

Sebile fishing poppers come in many different sizes and colours. With a hollow body, the fishing popper stays on the surface of the water and 'pops' along the water as the angler jerks the rod. The bubbles and splashes created look like a distressed fish, attracting the attention of predators such as bass and larger saltwater fish.

Being able to see the fish bite and feel the pull makes fishing with Sebile poppers an exciting and interactive experience. There are two types of fishing poppers available: chuggers and spitters. They look similar, but they work in slightly different ways.

Sebile fishing chuggers are designed to make the classic 'pop' noise associated with fishing poppers. They jerk along the water and form a bubble, which then pops, creating a drop and ripple sound in the water.

Sebile fishing spitters have a similar shape to chuggers, but in contrast, the top of the mouth is longer than the bottom. This stops a bubble from being formed, so instead of a popping sound, the lure 'spits' water out from its mouth.

There are also lures that attract a specific type of fish, for example Sebile pike lures .

Sebile fishing surface lures

With a history steeped in research and innovation, Sebile fishing surface/floating lures are designed to appeal more to the fish than to the angler. From spin lures, to floating lures that will work through lilypad fields and shallow water, floating lures are really agile for their size and perfect for ensuring the next big catch doesn't get away.

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