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Security Cameras, CCTV and Sensors

Add some extra security to your home with a little help from security cameras, CCTV and sensors.

Security Camera Styles

Dome CCTV cameras are the most common for indoor security. The dome shape makes them unobtrusive but with a good range. The shape also makes it difficult for people to know which direction the cameras are pointing in, making them a great deterrent. They are an ideal choice for shops, sheds or garages, especially if you just want to purchase one camera.

A good choice for outdoor surveillance is a day/night camera. A great choice for protecting your home, they work well in normal and poor lighting, can function in direct sunlight and can focus well in reflections and strong backlights.

If you're looking for something that works perfectly at night, try an infrared CCTV camera, although these only work in dark conditions, so are not ideal if you want them to cover you in the daytime too.

Features and Functions

As well as the shapes and styles of camera and CCTV, there are a number of additional features to look out for. One useful function is a network, otherwise known as IP camera. These cameras can come in both wired and wireless designs and transmit images over the internet.

You can also look out for motion detection systems, CCTV with integrated audio or deterrent systems.

Types of Sensor

For your basic security needs, any alarms and systems will need sensors to alert you when there is an intrusion in your home. The most common types of sensor are motion sensors, or window and door sensors. Another type of sensor is a glass break detector, which is triggered by the pitch of glass impact.

If you're looking for a sensor that protects you against other types of damage, try an environmental sensor. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, they can detect floods, leaks or extreme temperatures to alert you of any danger or damage in your home.

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