Sizing Up Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 202 headphones are known for delivering powerful audio. In addition to the sound quality that they offer, much of Sennheiser's success is also due to the modest prices of its headphones. If you're looking for a pair of HD 202 headphones, check out the listings on eBay for a great selection of new and pre-owned devices. You'll find a tempting range of devices at prices to suit every budget.

Are Sennheiser HD 202 headphones designed for wearing over the ear?

Yes, they are. Although they're described as 'supra-aural', which means 'on-ear', Sennheiser HD 202 headphones are designed to completely enclose and cover your ears.

Are they comfortable for wearing over a prolonged period of time?

HD 202 headphones feature faux-leather earpads which are designed to be soft and comfortable. In addition, they also include padded plastic headbands in order to keep them securely in place while wearing them. Whether you're sitting or walking, HD 202 headphones offer a very comfortable wearing experience.

What features do Sennheiser HD 202 headphones offer?

It is rare to find inexpensive branded headphones with impressive features, but Sennheiser HD 202 headphones offer just that. Features and functions include:

  • Good frequency response: With 18 Hz to 18,000 Hz frequency response, the headphones provide a wide audio spectrum. This is especially true at the lower end of the frequency range as they offer a warm and deep bass response.
  • Low total harmonic distortion (THD): The HD 202 headphones have a THD of less than 0.5%. This enables them to deliver crisp and clear sound directly to your ears.
  • Detachable earpads: The earpads are detachable as well as replaceable.
  • Extra long cord: The cord has a length of 3 metres, which is useful for home studio use. You can keep your headphones on while moving between various devices or instruments. The cord also has an attached cable holder so that you can easily wind or shorten the cord to a practical length as needed.
  • Standard jack: The cord terminates with a standard 3.5-mm connector. The headphones also include a 6.3-mm adapter if you need to convert the plug into a size used by other devices, such as an amplifier or mixer.
  • Lightweight: Sennheiser HD 202 headphones weigh just 130 grams. See the manufacturer site for details.
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