Shapewear Waist Trainer

Train Your Tummy With a Waist Training Corset

Its not always easy to get the ideal shape you want for body-conscious clothing like dresses or suits. You may prefer the smooth shaping that a waist training corset can give you under clothing. Finding the right waist trainer for you is easy on eBay.

How do you choose the right waist training corset?

Waist trainers or corsets reshape your midsection by wrapping tightly around your abdomen. To choose a waist trainer thats right for you, try to define your goals. Do you want a smooth, tight midsection to fit into a new outfit, or are you aiming for a longer-lasting change? Some types of waist trainers include the following:

  • Body shaper: Body shapers look like panties with a very high waist that goes over your stomach. Body shapers give the wearer a smooth line under a dress or suit.
  • Sports belt: These latex or neoprene belts wrap several times around your waist and fasten with hook and loop closures. Sports belts are worn while exercising.
  • Steel-boned corset: Steel-boned corsets help reduce your waist measurement by several inches. They often form part of a longer-term waist reduction program. If you choose a steel-boned corset, you will need to build up your wearing time gradually.
How do you know if your waist trainer fits?

Its important to get an accurate measurement for any waist trainer or corset. For example, if a shaping panty is too small, the top or bottom of the shaper might roll down. You might experience bulging or rolling at the edges. If a steel-boned corset is too small, you might not be able to get the garment on, and it might be uncomfortable to wear.

If the waist trainer or corset is too big, you might not get the shaping effect youre looking for. Measure your waist, bust, and abdomen according to the manufacturers specifications. See the manufacturer site for details.

What kind of boning should you look for in a corset?

Thin structural supports throughout a corset, called "bones," give a steel-boned corset its support. Cheap waist training corsets will have bones that are usually made of plastic. Although they are less expensive, plastic bones are most useful in fashion corsets or lingerie. A higher quality corset made with steel bones will provide more effective waist reduction.

Steel bones can be spiral or flat. The spiral steel bones generally conform to your body more than the rigid flat bones. Generally speaking, steel boned corsets should have approximately 20 bones.