Stay Protected in any Weather with a Sheepskin Coat

To stay warm while working or relaxing outdoors, get a sheepskin coat. Durable alternatives on eBay will keep you warm through several years, and by naturally repelling water, they help to keep you dry in the rain or while working by the seaside.

Can a sheepskin coat flatter your figure?

Yes. Several sheepskin coats on eBay are designed to flatter a woman's figure, with lines that accentuate the hips. Some manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the cut of the garment, and these brands may sometimes be in a higher price range. eBay has many formal designs that feature less fancy trim, but keep you warm.

Are all sheepskin coats heavy?

No. The heaviness of a sheepskin coat is determined by the ratio of its warmth to its weight, and many people look out for coats that are made with dense wool, providing more warmth without as much heaviness. The thickness of the leather also influences the weight, and coats made using thin leather are more lightweight. Vendors on eBay may describe where the leather is from, since thick but fine wool tends to come from cold climates.

Should you select an oversized jacket?

Many people like to wear an oversized sheepskin coat because they like to cuddle up inside it, and a jacket that is three sizes too big will give you that feeling of warmth. If your priority is to get a sleek look, an oversized jacket will not do that, but if you like baggy clothes, getting a coat that is at least one size bigger is ideal. Look for the following features while selecting your sheepskin coat from eBay:

  • Durable metal fastenings are better than those made of plastic, since they are less likely to break.
  • Vintage styles often make a good impression, and there are many such options available on eBay.
  • A sheepskin coat with a turn down lapel can provide extra protection for your neck when needed.
Are all sheepskin coats easy to dress up?

Most sheepskin coats on eBay are easy to dress up but some are more elegant than others, making it easy to make a statement. Choosing the correct size is critical, since a jacket that seems as if it was made for you will always make a good impression. Jackets with inside pockets tend to be more sleek, while if you are aiming for a rugged look, a heavy jacket with big exterior pockets helps with that.