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Musical Instrument Stands 

Musical instrument stands can either be used to hold your instrument while you’re not using it, helping to protect it from accidental damage, or for resting your instrument on while you play it. 

An example of a stand you would use while playing your instrument is a keyboard stand, where the stand allows you to place the keyboard onto it without having to use a table or desk.

There are many different brands of musical instrument stand, as well as stands that are primarily used for holding sheet music, rather than holding an actual instrument.

Types of Musical Instrument Stand

  • Acoustic guitar stand – designed to hold your guitar upright when you’re not playing it, keeping the guitar out of the way of potential accidents. Can also be used on stage when playing live if, for example, you have multiple guitars with different tunings or different sounds.
  • Electric guitar stand – similar to the acoustic guitar stand, these are designed to hold your electric guitar upright either while practicing the guitar or when playing live. There are varieties of stand available that can hold multiple guitars at once.
  • Music stand – for holding a piece of sheet music. Usually the music will be open so the musician can read the music and play along to it.
  • Keyboard stand – a stand for holding your electric or digital keyboard. This allows you to play the instrument without having to place it on a different piece of furniture such as a table. A keyboard stand can be used in your own home or when playing live on stage.
  • Brands of music stand – there are several brands of music stand available, including Stagg, K & M, and Kinsman. Each brand supplies a variety of different types of music stand for you to choose from

Benefits of Musical Instrument Stands

  • Style – many of the stands available are designed to look nice as well as perform their primary function.
  • Stability – music stands help to keep your sheet music stable while you read it and play along, so making it easier to follow the music.
  • Safety – musical instrument stands can help prevent accidental damage to your instrument.
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