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Jog Without Restrictions with a Shock Absorber Run Bra

To protect delicate assets, and feel in control while you run, use a Shock Absorber run bra. Comfortable options on eBay will not rub against your skin, and help to preserve your modesty during your regular workout.

Will a Shock Absorber run bra comfortably fit large cup sizes?

Yes. Shock Absorber run bras from eBay will comfortably fit a size D and up, protecting breast tissue from damage while you play high-impact sports. At size G, you will look like you are wearing a regular brassiere. It is reinforced in critical positions, so that your breasts receive the right support, and back pain is reduced.

Is every Shock Absorber run bra padded?

No. Options are available on eBay for women who do not like the extra weight of padding while they are running, or playing sports that require speed. The Ultimate Fly version of the Shock Absorber run bra does not add heavy padding that can weigh you down in a race, and it offers great support. It provides benefits such as:

  • Protects your bust by absorbing the impact while you jog, because it contains polyamide.
  • Conforms to your shape, because it is made with Elastane.
  • Polyester helps to cool your body by pulling moisture away.
Does the Shock Absorber run bra dry fast?

The Shock Absorber run bra will not stay excessively damp, or cling to your skin, since it is made using fabric that wicks moisture away. You can comfortably run for miles on hot days in this bra.

What type of fasteners do the Shock Absorber run bras use?

A Shock Absorber run bra comes with a traditional hook and eye closure, which can make it difficult to secure, especially with a large bust. Several women simply pull it on closed, and since the hook and eye is designed to prevent rubbing, it will not scratch your skin.

Does the Shock Absorber run bra compress your breasts?

Yes. This run bra will compress your breasts in order to prevent bouncing, and possible damage to breast tissue, while you train. The compression effect with this bra is not uncomfortable, and it is well made, so you get the same support after months of use. The design also relies on encapsulation, so each breast gets its own support with a comfortable cup.

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