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Shoe Horns

Sometimes we need a helping hand to put shoes on, especially when the fabric doesnt offer much wiggle room such as loafers or new leather footwear. It can also take some time to wear in shoes so having a shoe horn on hand can help prevent any discomfort when inserting your foot into new shoes.

Easy to Use

A shoe horn is incredibly easy to use and opens up the back of the shoe so inserting your foot is easy. Shoe horns also come is a variety of sizes but remain similar in shape. There are long handled varieties of shoe horn which help to insert feet into longer boots especially leather knee-high type styles as the material can be firmer when new. Long handled shoe horns also help people who have limited mobility as they reduce the need to bend and strain when putting your shoes on.

Durable Materials

Shoe horns come in a selection of materials which are suitable for a range of shoe types. Plastic shoe horns can provide a strong and durable option for softer fabric and lightweight shoes. They also offer a light and versatile accessory to keep in your bag. For people looking for a sturdy and hard-wearing shoe horn perhaps for longer or heavyweight boots, stainless steel or metal shoe horns are an ideal option.

Materials like stainless steel are strong, durable and hard wearing, offering a long-lasting accessory. This material is also perfect for extended shoe horns as the increased strength stops it from bending when in use.

Protect Your Shoe

To prevent your shoe becoming worn or damaged at the heel, shoe horns offer a form of protection to shoes and boots. By helping your feet into the shoe, it prevents unnecessary wear to this area, keeping your footwear in good condition and increasing its longevity.

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