Shoe Stretchers

Adjust Your Footwear for Added Comfort Using a Shoe Stretcher

A shoe stretcher or shoe expander may help you lengthen or widen the fit of your footwear to suit your needs. You can find low-priced shoe stretchers on eBay in a variety of styles to meet your personal preferences. Understanding how these products work and the features they might have can help you find the one that works for you.

What kinds of shoe stretchers can you get?

Shoe stretchers are available from eBay in several types. You can use the helpful categories on the site to find the type of stretcher that suits your needs. The most common kinds of shoe stretchers you will find are:

  • Widen: A shoe widener can open up the narrow edges of your shoe and give your foot more room on either side to accommodate wider feet.
  • Lengthen: This type of stretcher can push forward or back to increase the overall length of your footwear.
  • Two-way: A dual model has settings that can both widen and lengthen your shoes as necessary.
How do shoe stretchers work on shoes?

Most of the stretchers you will find on eBay operate using similar basic principles. The primary aspects of these products include things such as:

  • Shoe insert: An insert that is similar to the shape of your shoe will go inside your footwear.
  • Back plate: A separate plate on the back of the device moves along a rod. This plate stretches your shoe depending on the settings of the rod.
  • Dial: The dial on the end of the shoe stretcher can help you set how far the devices lengthen or widen your shoes.
What materials do these stretchers use?

You can find shoe stretchers in a couple of basic materials for your convenience. Some materials have multiple colour palettes from which you can choose. The most common materials you will find for these products are:

  • Plastic: Plastic offers you a lightweight yet durable stretcher that could be available in a range of your favourite colours.
  • Wood: A wooden shoe stretcher provides you with a product that has a natural look to it.
Can you choose a condition for your shoe stretcher?

You can buy both new and preowned stretchers on eBay. New stretchers should include their original packaging and be free from any cosmetic defects. A used item may have some normal cosmetic blemishes as it is preowned, but it will still stretch your shoes as necessary. Some used items may include their original packaging and labels.