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Why the Shure M44-7 Is the Cartridge of Choice for Turntablists

Whether it's a scribble scratch, an orbit scratch, or any one of a number of different variations, with the Shure M44-7, DJs can go hard on the decks without having to worry about skipping or breaking the stylus. No longer in production, eBay nevertheless offers a range of highly sought-after Shure M44-7's, from a number of different sellers, at a variety of affordable prices.

Why choose the Shure M44-7?

A standard, stock turntable cartridge and stylus may be able to accurately reproduce the sound of your vinyl records, but it will not stand up to the rigours of scratching, backspins, and other performance DJ techniques. A standard cartridge and stylus will break, which will not only stop a turntablism performance right in its tracks but also cause damage to your records. This is why serious turntablists need a cartridge and stylus that is specifically designed for scratching. For years, the Shure M44-7 has been the unit of choice for demanding turntablists who are particular about their gear.

What accessories are available to be used with the Shure M44-7?

There are plenty of Shure M44-7 available for purchase, and you can also find this cartridge and stylus setup sold together with other items. Some of the accessories and other special items available are:

  • Glow-in-the-dark styluses.
  • Shure M44-7 with Technics headshells.
  • Shure M44-7 with chrome headshells and auxiliary weight.
  • Shure RPP644 hardware kits.
Why was the Shure M44-7 discontinued?

It's pure economics: the advent of digital emulators that allow producers to "scratch" has caused a sharp downturn in the demand for professional-grade turntablist equipment. Shure has discontinued the M44-7 because they cannot maintain their quality standards while making a profit. To this end, the Shure company stopped production in the summer of 2018.

Is the Shure M44-7 only for DJs?

Although it's specifically designed for scratching, the Shure M44-7 can be used with any audio set-up. The stability and balance of this cartridge and stylus help it produce a sound that has been described as being "bright" and "punchy". If you've already invested in a serious turntable and amplifier, the Shure M44-7 is the cartridge and stylus to match.

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