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Siemens Mobile Phones

Whatever make and model of Siemens mobile phone you're looking for you will be sure to find the right one for you, whether you need a brand new handset, a refurbished model or a phone for parts only should you need to repair elements of an existing handset.

The last Siemens phones were produced in 2005, making them a popular item for collectors and for those who are a fan of vintage mobile phones which continue to become more popular.

Choosing the right Siemens mobile phone

With so many feature packed mobile phones available to choose from these days, sometimes people prefer to go back to basics and Siemens phones offer the perfect way to do this. If you're looking for a simple, solid mobile phone that's user friendly this could be the perfect choice. Another benefit of choosing a Siemens mobile phone is that they are extremely cost effective compared with other brands on the market, starting from as little as a few pounds for some models.

Siemens mobile phones can be bought unlocked and able to be used with any SIM card or set up for use with a particular phone network. You may prefer to buy an unlocked phone for extra flexibility, especially if you have an existing contract or deal on a SIM card. It's also possible to buy Siemens phone bundles that come complete with accessories like chargers and cases.

Siemens mobile phone models

Some of the most popular Siemens phones are the M50 and A50, which are a great budget option if you're looking for a simple mobile just to make calls and send texts from. More modern phones in the range include the SL45 and the SL55 which were developed later and use different technologies to allow a wider range of features.

If you're a collector who is interested in vintage mobile phones then there are also many Siemens mobiles in great condition that are likely to appeal to you. Popular Siemens phones for collectors include the AX72 and the Xelibri X4, which is a particularly rare model.

As Siemens went bankrupt following several take overs, owning a vintage Siemens mobile phone is like owning a piece of real mobile phone history from a time before everyone had a smart phone. They continue to be a popular choice with collectors and fans of early mobile phone technology, as an alternative to the smartphones produced today.

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