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Silicone Gel Cases and Covers for iPhone 3GS

The third generation iPhone the 3GS is perhaps a bit more rugged than the current generations, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep yours well protected. Keep yours safe from bumps and scrapes with a silicone gel case or cover for iPhone 3GS.

Silicone is the perfect material for a phone case because of the way the material wraps around the exact contours of your iPhone 3GS, just like rubber. The way the material acts as a shock absorber makes it ideal to stop your handset from being damaged if you accidentally drop it.


You can choose a bumper style case that wraps around the edges of your handset, or a full case that covers the sides and rear of your phone. Both provide adequate protection for your handset and come in a wide range of colours. Gel screen protectors are popular and functional options to protect from scratching the screen.

Some silicone cases will have a plastic frame for added durability, making the most out of both materials. As well as colours, there are a number of designs that can inject personality into your handset. Bumpy or rough textures make for a bold look, or you could opt for quirky animal designs that also double as a stand.


Silicone iPhone 3GS cases may have holes in the sides to allow you to access the buttons on the perimeter of your phone, or responsive nodules that make contact with the edge buttons of your phone while maintaining all-round protection. You don't get this with flip cases that must be opened first.


One of the huge benefits of silicone cases is that the material is very lightweight, meaning that your phone doesn't feel much thicker or heavier than usual, particularly when kept in your pocket.

Ease of use

The design of silicone cases is so that they simply clip onto the back or edges of your phone, providing the instant shock absorption that you need without much fiddling around.

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