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Keep Your Little One Safe in Silver Cross Pushchairs and Prams

Taking your baby around town doesn't have to be a struggle. In a stylish and cosy Silver Cross pushchair, your baby or toddler will be safe and secure. The eBay selection of Silver Cross buggies and strollers includes a variety of models that will work to fit your family's needs.

Silver Cross pushchairs vs prams

The main difference between a Silver Cross pram and a pushchair is the way that your baby is held. In a pram, your baby lies flat on their back, while in a pushchair, they can sit up and look at the world around them. There are advantages to both systems:

  • Silver Cross prams are a good choice for newborns. Very young babies sleep a lot, and lying flat encourages healthy spine growth.
  • Older babies and toddlers will prefer a pushchair. As babies grow, them become curious about their surroundings, and in a Silver Cross pushchair they will be visually stimulated.
  • Silver Cross combination prams have a baby space that can move up or down into a flat back pram bed or upright pushchair seat as you prefer, making them a versatile choice.
  • A Silver Cross stroller is a lighter alternative to prams and pushchairs. Ultra lightweight, it's a great choice for travelling with toddlers who may quickly tire of walking.
How to choose your Silver Cross pushchair wheels

Silver Cross has a variety of options, depending on where you'll be using your pram or pushchair. All-terrain wheels are a good choice if you live in the countryside or regularly go rambling. City wheels work better for an urban lifestyle, if you're unlikely to go into any terrain wilder than the local park. For manoeuvrability and control, look for lockable swivel wheels which are great on a bumpy path.

What extra features does a Silver Cross pushchair have?

To make your life easier, many prams and pushchairs have reversible seats. This allows you to have your baby facing you or the outside world, whichever you prefer. If you tend to take everything but the kitchen sink with you, choose a Silver Cross buggy with plenty of storage space at the bottom. Foldable pushchairs and prams are essential if you rely on public transport.

Are there Silver Cross pushchairs for multiple children?

Yes. As your family grows, your pushchair will often grow, too. Some Silver Cross pushchairs allow extra seats to be clipped securely on, while others are designed specifically for multiple children. The most common models are either side by side or tandem, which sees one child seated behind the other.