Silver Cross pushchairs and prams

The Silver Cross range of buggies, travel systems and pushchairs draw on over 100 years of experience to create both modern, cutting-edge designs and vintage-style retro prams. Original vintage Silver Cross pushchairs, with their large wheels and comfortable sleeping area for a baby, are great for modern parents that want to tap into the retro aesthetic. 

You can find additional accessories for your Silver Cross pushchairs and prams like rain covers and hoods protect against the elements, while fully reclining buggies make it easier to take tired toddlers out for a stroll. There are even pushchairs with a higher than the standard weight limit, like some of the Silver Cross Pop range, perfect for older children who still get tired on long walks or to take on holiday as they also fold up quite small, which makes them easier to carry. 

Travel systems

For first time parents, in particular, Silver Cross travel systems are very popular as they include almost everything needed to get around with a newborn baby, including car seats and carrycots. Some sets will come with the Isofix base included, ensuring car journeys are as safe as possible. Popular styles of travel system include the Surf 3 and Wayfarer ranges in a selection of stylish colours including the classic blue and modern grey. 

Vintage Silver Cross

The popularity of vintage pushchairs and prams looks set to continue with preloved buggies easily cleaned and restored to their former glory. Replacement wheels and cot sets can be added to bring a vintage style pram right up to date. Custom order pram sets often feature kitsch ribbons, lace and bows to reflect the style of the vintage prams, and offer a chance to personalise the overall look. Vintage frames and carrycots are sometimes interchangeable so it's possible to find two prams past their very best and use the individual parts to create one, like-new pram.