Single Bedding Sets & Duvet Covers

Transform your bedroom with single bedding sets and duvet covers

Brighten up your bedroom with single bedding sets and duvet covers. Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of single bedding sets and duvet covers in a selection of colours, materials, prints and patterns to match any bedroom. 

Printed patterned bedding sets

You will find a stunning range of stylishly printed and patterned single duvet colours. Designs typically include elegant floral patterns, classical animal prints, and eastern motifs. With an extensive range of colours, styles and fabrics you are sure to find the look to suit your bedroom. 

Bright and colourful kids single bedding sets

Single bedding sets and duvets for children are available in a huge variety of patterns for girls and boys including Disney Princesses, Marvel Avengers, sports designs, and official premier league merchandise. 

A selection of different materials

Single bedding duvet covers are available in a range of fabrics. 100% cotton bedding is easy to wash and will hold its colour even after hundreds of wash cycles. Cotton bedding is popular due to its soft feel and gentle touch. The quality of cotton bedding is measured in thread, with lower thread count bedding more likely to show wear and tear. 

Polycotton is a favourite for parents as it does not crease and therefore does not require ironing. Whilst still gentle to touch, polycotton is not as soft as a high thread count cotton duvet cover. 

Microfibre bedding is made from synthetic materials. It is lighter and thinner than cotton bedding, and will generally dry quicker. Microfibre bedding holds colour really well and so it is a great fabric for bright patterns and prints. 

Polyester bedding is highly durable and is popular for its long life and resistance to the wear and tear of washing. As with microfiber bedding, polyester requires less maintenance than cotton and polycotton bedding varieties. As it holds colour very well polyester is a good choice of material if you are looking for a brightly patterned or printed duvet cover.