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Get juiced with single-use AAA batteries

Single-use AAA batteries provide a convenient and compact power source for smaller devices, such as TV remotes, portable MP3 players and childrens toys. Theyre affordable, reliable and are a must-have for any home. 

Should you choose lithium or alkaline batteries?

Your choice of single-use AAA batteries will depend on what you are using them for. Alkaline AAA batteries cost less but weigh more, so if you are trying to cut the weight of your music player, its worth paying the extra for lithium. On the other hand, if you just want to power your TV remote or smoke alarm, then alkaline batteries will do fine for much less. 

Lithium lasts longer

AAA Lithium batteries will generally last longer, particularly in high power applications, and so will need replacing less often. This can make them comparable in cost to alkaline batteries overall. 

Better battery performance

The chemistry behind Lithium single use AAA batteries means that they will operate across a far wider temperature range than their alkaline counterparts. This makes them ideal for outdoor use, where the temperature range can be considerable between the heat of the day and the chill of the night. 

Choosing single use AAA batteries

For long lasting performance, it is worth paying a little extra for a well-known brand such as Duracell or Energiser. As with lithium batteries, the extended lifetime can often compensate for the extra cost, making them a good investment. On the other hand, basic single-use batteries will often be sufficient for a low power device and can last a surprisingly long time. 

As with most things, the more you buy, the less you will pay per unit. So, if you are a regular battery user, then consider buying bulk packs to cut the cost, or better still, invest in rechargeable batteries, which can be used over and over again, up to 1000 times. 

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