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Single Use CR2032 Batteries

Also known as button or coin cells, these squat cylindrical batteries are more often used to power small electrical devices such as watches, calculators and even pacemakers. They are small 3V batteries and can be used in electrical devices where there is a small amount of space to drive a circuit and do not require as much power.

The battery names indicate the name and characteristics of the battery. For example, the L in LR44 means that the battery is alkaline based, whereas the C in CR2032 is indicative of lithium. The R in the name is to identify the rounded shape of the battery, and the battery is 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm tall.

CR2032 batteries, sometimes written as Li2032, are the most common lithium coin cell. These particular batteries tend to last a long time due to the items they are generally used for. When used in watches they can last well over a year. They are also frequently used in things like car fobs and calculators.

A number of different brands produce these batteries, from well known household names such as Duracell and Panasonic. These are generally trusted to be top quality and incredibly efficient. However, a number of cheaper, unbranded or lesser known brands produce these batteries, giving you a wider choice.

The main downside to CR2032 batteries is that they are not reusable as they cannot be recharged once depleted. They do, however, have a low self-discharge, which is what gives them a longer life. Replacing the button cell is not necessarily something that needs to be done on a regular basis and can keep your electrical devices going for quite some time. Additionally, CR2032 batteries are inexpensive, meaning that even when a battery does need replacing it is cheap to do so.

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