Ramp Up Your Entertainment Options With a Sky HD Box DRX895

Enjoy HD-quality TV across a range of channels with a Sky HD Box DRX895. You can plan your TV viewing with the aid of the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), and even record shows to watch at a convenient time. With different storage options available, there is sure to be a Sky HD Box DRX895 to suit your budget on eBay.

Is a Sky subscription necessary to operate a Sky HD Box DRX895?

You will need a satellite dish in order to receive any channels through a Sky HD Box, but not necessarily a subscription with Sky. You can watch channels that are free to view, such as BBC, ITV, and Channel 5, and even record from these channels.

Can this receiver access Sky Plus?

Your Sky HD Box allows you to use Sky Plus services but you will need to have a Sky subscription to access them. Sky Plus is a Personal Video Service (PVR), offering the following benefits, among others:

  • Play, pause, and even rewind live TV.
  • Sky Plus Anytime On Demand: Enjoy all your favourite programmes at a time that suits you.
  • Record your favourite programmes using series link.
  • Remote recording through Sky Go, the smartphone app.
  • Full EPG to help you plan your TV viewing.
How many hours of TV can the Sky HD Box DRX895 store?

This depends entirely on the size of the hard drive that you choose. The following are available, but please see the manufacturer's site for full details:

  • 500GB: Records up to 185 hours standard definition and 65 hours high definition.
  • 1TB: Records up to 370 hours standard definition and 130 hours high definition.
  • 2TB: Records up to 875 hours standard definition and 435 hours high definition.
Will you need to connect the Sky HD Box DRX895 to the internet?

You will need a broadband connection in order to make full use of the On Demand services offered through Sky Plus. Older models will require you to connect the box directly to your broadband connection using an Ethernet cable, whereas newer models are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can establish a wireless connection to your network.

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