Make Sky Go Further With a Sky Mini Box

Sky’s offerings are ever-expanding with new, exciting movies and programmes for your viewing pleasure. With a Sky Q Mini Box, you'll find no shortage of great entertainment to watch, including live sporting events, hilarious comedies, and blockbuster movies. You'll find a variety of affordable Sky Mini Boxes to choose from on eBay, including new and used models.

How does the Sky Q Mini Box work?

When connected to the same wireless network in your home, the Mini Box links to your main Sky Q Box. While linked, the boxes can share and sync content with each other, which means you can stop viewing from one box and pick up from where you left off on the other.

Does the Sky Mini Box have full features and capabilities?

The Sky Q Mini Box is a fully functional and high-power box that comes equipped with many features and capabilities, including:

  • High-quality 1080p FHD, so you can watch programmes as they were originally recorded.
  • Digital audio and surround sound for a truly cinematic experience.
  • Access on-demand movies and programmes.
  • Pause, rewind, and rewatch live TV.
  • Set up recordings on your Sky Mini Box, so you can watch them any time you like.
  • Access internet streaming media accounts directly through your Sky Mini Box.
Is it easy to install the box?

It is very simple to install the Sky Q Mini Box yourself. Simply plug the Mini Box into a power source, link it to your wireless network, and then connect the HDMI lead from the box to your television. Each model may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Is there a charge for a second subscription?

No. You do not have to purchase a second subscription to use a Sky Q Mini Box, but you will need to have the correct Sky subscription service. Packages and promotions may vary, so refer to the manufacturer and service provider for further details.

Can I connect multiple Mini boxes in my home?

Yes. You can connect multiple Mini boxes. Depending on the size of your original Sky Q Box, you connect up to four Mini boxes at once. Refer to the manufacturer and service provider for instructions and further details.

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