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Sky TV & Home Audio Remote Controls

How to Choose Your Next Sky Remote

If you have lost your Sky Remote, found it broken, or simply want some additional features, you will find a large variety of remotes available for sale on eBay. On eBay, you can find different coloured casings, a variety of versions, and even legacy models that have been discontinued.

How do you know if the remote is compatible with a TV?

You pair the remote to a TV with a four digit brand code or a three digit direct code. To find out whether your television is supported by the Sky Remote, you can find the list of most common TV models and their codes in the user manual that comes with your Sky Box. If you do not have a manual or your TV is not listed, you can go to the manufacturers site for a comprehensive list of all the supported brands and corresponding codes.

Can the Sky Remote be used to control a TV?

Yes. The remote can be custom programmed by the user to control both the Sky Box as well as a television. It can turn the TV on and off, control its volume, change channels, and switch input sources. Features may vary depending on the television, but to set up a Sky Remote to control your TV:

  • Note the make and model of your TV (this can be found on a label on the back of the television) and get the relevant code.
  • Turn on the television and press the TV button on the remote.
  • Hold down the ‘select’ and ‘red’ buttons for approximately three seconds, wait for the LED light to flash twice, then press the TV button again.
  • Key in the four digit code for your TV. If this is done correctly the LED will flash twice again.
  • Click the ‘standby’ button on the remote. If the TV turns off, click ‘select’ to save your pairing and your TV will respond to the remote.
How long does the remote’s battery last?

Sky Remotes are typically powered by a pair of AA batteries and last anywhere between 12 to 48 months, depending on frequency of use. If the battery level is low, your Sky Box will show a message prompting you to change the remote’s batteries.

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