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Points to Consider When Buying Skylanders Figures

When Skylanders figures were first introduced in 2011, they ignited a toys-to-life trend in the toy market. Years later, Skylanders character figures are still a favourite amongst kids and adults alike. Like any piece of technology, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying Skylanders figurines on eBay.

Do you need a Skylanders game to use the figures?

You do not need the game if you plan to only use the figures as part of a display collection. If you want to use their virtual gaming abilities, a Skylanders game unit is needed. Skylanders toys are much more than just physical figurines. The figures can also be used to unlock the in-game character it portrays in one of the many Skylanders series of video games. These games have iterations for virtually all of the gaming consoles available, including a version designed for PCs. This means it should not be difficult to find a Skylander game that's compatible with your gaming console.

Do you need anything else to use these toys?

In order to link Skylanders toys to your game, you'll need an accessory called 'the Portal of Power'. To make it easy for users, it comes bundled with all of the games. Many of the portals that are designed for specific games or consoles are actually cross-compatible, so you can use them with other systems or gaming versions. If you are planning to use a portal that you already own, or if you want to purchase one for a specific game, refer to the manufacturer site to confirm compatibility.

Are there any special Skylanders figures to look out for?

Like many similar collectable figure lines, Skylanders toys vary in rarity. There are even several special variants which are particularly prized by collectors. Two of the Skylanders figurine variants were even restricted to certain retailers, which made them very difficult to buy after they disappeared from retail stores. You can find several of these variants available on eBay. Check product descriptions and photos to ensure you choose one that's in a condition which is suitable for you. Some of the specific variant lines include:

  • Nitro variants: These were available only for specific gaming consoles.
  • Legendary variants: Designed for certain Skylanders game versions.
  • Chase variants: Altered versions of figurines that are very hard to find.
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