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Slate House Decorative Signs Add a Dash of Class

Want to add a sophisticated touch to the exterior of your home? Think engraved slate house signs. Choose from many different styles and types for sale at eBay to personalise your home.

What colours do Welsh slate house signs come in?

Natural slate comes in a variety of colours, including black, grey, green, blue, red, and a rich, deep purplish grey. This versatile rock is derived from sea floor sediments that were deposited more than 500 million years ago. Its black and grey colouring is derived from the decay of marine life forms on the oceanic floors. Iron compounds are responsible for the red, green, and purple hues in some pieces of slate. Natural slates can also be mottled, blending various combinations of black and grey, red and blue, and even purple and green.

Slate can also be colour-dyed to match the tones in your home’s exterior décor. This can be accomplished by using a small amount of epoxy grout paint.

Does the weather affect the look of slate house signs?

The elements will have some effect on the look of engraved slate house signs. Natural slate doesn’t absorb moisture very readily, which makes it very resistant to freezing and frost damage. However, some slates will change colour over time in response to pollutants and other impurities in the atmosphere. Colour changes do not affect the innate durability of slate.

Types of slate house signs and plaques

Some of the many types of new and pre-owned slate house signs and plaques:

  • Slate welcome signs - A slate welcome sign reassures visitors to your home or business that you are pleased they are visiting.
  • Slate house number signs - Is there anyone who hasn’t had the awkward experience of visiting someone’s home for the first time but not knowing which door to knock on because there was no identifying information on the porch or door? Slate house number signs let people know clearly that this is where you live.
  • Slate house name signs - When people love where they live, they like to give their homes fanciful names. Why not share the name of your home with the world through a slate house name sign?
  • Informational signs - You can also use your slate house sign to convey information about your home. For example, if your home is more than 100 years old, you might want to engrave the year it was built on a sign and display it on your porch.
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