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Sleepyhead Nursery Bedding Buying Guide

Parents of newborns are sleep-deprived and always looking for safe ways to make getting through the first year and the following toddler years of a child easier. One item that many parents struggle with is nursery bedding and how to use nursery bedding to make life easier for everyone. Sleepyhead produces bedding that offers unique, stylish options for parents and can be purchased in new and used condition on eBay.

What colours does Sleepyhead nursey bedding come in?

Nursery bedding by Sleepyhead is available in three colours including pink, green, and white. Some of the bedding company's patterns also include multicoloured farm theme prints or white backgrounds and red roses. A variety of grand pod replacement Sleepyhead covers are available in neutrally patterned themes such as Chevron. The brand offers solid colours and patterns that are unisex, making them great options for either gender.

Sleepyhead nursery bedding materials

Sleepyhead nursery bedding is designed to keep babies cozy while the baby is sleeping for the night or taking a nap. To do this, the company creates mattresses, pillows, and the grand pods with a combination of comfortable memory foam and cotton that will conform to the baby's needs to help him or her get a good night's sleep. One of the only other materials used to create these nursery products is muslin, which is a very lightweight fabric used to make traditional swaddling blankets and other baby items.

How are Sleepyhead grand pods sized?

Sleepyhead grand pods allow babies to take a nap just about anywhere and are sized by age. For instance, you can purchase pods for newborns, 3–6-month-old babies, 6–9-month-old babies, and 9–18-month-old babies.

What items do Sleepyhead nursery bedding items fit?

Sleepyhead nursery bedding items are created to fit a variety of baby items regularly used by moms in the United Kingdom including:

  • Bassinets
  • Moses baskets
  • Cribs or cradles
  • Cots
  • Toddler beds
Sleepyhead grand pod

The Sleepyhead grand pod is highly sought-after by parents and parents-to-be because it makes transitioning from a bassinet or cradle to a full-size crib easier. Babies can be placed in the Sleepyhead when they are just a few hours old. The device is easily transported and can be used in cribs, cradles, on cots, and much more. When it's time for babies to sleep in their cribs, parents can use the pod to make the transition easier. It also helps develop a bedtime routine for infants.