Link your Favourite Devices Using a SMA to BNC Adapter

Coaxial cables are an incredibly useful form of technology that makes the basis for many analogue connection cables. Two forms of connections are the SMA and BNC. You can find inexpensive adapter cables to connect these two types together on eBay.

What kind of connections can be made with this cable?

For maximum versatility, there are a total of three possible connections you can make with an SMA to BNC cable. These connections consist of the following:

  • Male to male: This connects two male-sided plugs (meaning, the end that inserts into a port). Both the SMA and BNC sides will feature plugs.
  • Male to female: This combines one male and one female (the port that a male plug is inserted into) from the two options. Both a male SMA and female BNC setup and vice versa are possible.
  • Female to female: This adapter features two female ports for both the SMA and BNC sides, acting as a go-between for two devices with plugs.
What kind of devices can you connect with this cable?

There are several potential uses for an SMA to BNC adapter cable. Some of your possible options can include the following:

  • Monitors: Computer monitors have often employed both SMA and BNC cables over the years. Being able to mix and match hardware types opens up many new connections that would otherwise require buying either a new screen or computer terminal.
  • Antennas: SMA and BNC connectors are most common when using a device with an antenna. If you were ever in need of connecting an antenna with only an SMA end to a device with a BNC port or plug (or the other way around), this would be the way to do it.
  • Recording equipment: Even some digital recording equipment may make use of SMA or BNC cables. In order to ensure you have adequate adaptability for these types of devices, keeping an adapter cable or two on hand would be helpful in an emergency.
  • Ethernet: BNC cables are sometimes used as Ethernet cables, meaning having an SMA to BNC adapter can be helpful in ensuring your computer can remain in use.
How long is the cable for this adapter on average?

The length of the SMA to BNC adapter cable will vary based on the job at hand. For the most part, the majority of cables tend to be around one to two feet in length, but longer or shorter options are available. Check the eBay listing thoroughly to confirm the length of your cable before buying.