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 Small Animal Beds, Hammocks and Nesters 

Small animal beds and nesters provide a warm, comfortable space for small animals like gerbils, guinea pigs and hamsters to nest and sleep within their living space. 

Animals enjoy the safe space to nest, whilst owners can enjoy the different designs of the products, and enjoy seeing their pets happy and safe in their beds, hammocks or nesters.

Different Types Of Small Animal Beds, Hammocks and Nesters

  • Beds - Small animal beds come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. They can be made from wicker or straw, plastic or mixed fabrics. They can be designed for the animal to completely snuggle into them, or for the animal to sit inside them comfortably. They might have a hard exterior for use outdoors, or for a more hardy long term type of bed casing.
  • Hammocks - Small animal hammocks can be made with straw, wicker, wood, soft synthetic fabrics or mixed fabrics. They are designed to be suspended from the cage and provide a soft area for the animal to sleep in, or spend time in. They can sometimes be designed like beds, but differ from beds in that they are raised from the floor and are suspended from the top of the cage.
  • Nests/ Houses - Made from wood, plastic or straw a small animal nestor house is designed to provide an indoor area for the animal to spend time in, or sleep in. Designs can range from a simple plastic hut, to an elaborate wooden house complete with windows and steps.

The Benefits Of Small Animal Beds, Hammocks and Nesters

  • Animals are able to sleep or spend time in their own private space, ensuring they feel safe whenever they need to or want to
  • Animals have stimulation and enrichment of their environment
  • Owners can enjoy seeing pets happily interact with their environment
  • Owners enjoy a healthy, happy pet who has a well maintained environment

Small Animal Bed Maintenance

The type of bed you choose depends on how you will need to look after it:

  • Any soft animal bed should be regularly washed and rinsed in warm soapy water, before drying and reusing. 
  • Plastic products should be regularly cleansed in warm soapy water before rinsing, drying and reusing. 
  • Any wooden, wicker or straw products should be monitored and maintained appropriately, sanded down or removed should any of the product splinter.
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