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Small Animal Tubes

Tubes and similar accessories are supplied to provide small animals like gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs with plenty of places to forage, hide in and enjoy. 

Owners are able to enjoy watching their pets investigate and play with small animal tubes in their various designs and shapes whilst small animals enjoy the additional stimulation within their environment.

Different Types Of Small Animal Tubes

  • Plastic play tunnels - vary in length and size depending on the animal they are suitable for. They bend, expand and stretch and are made from plastic so are easily cleaned and suitable for outdoor use.
  • Chew tubes - made from cardboard, these tubes vary in size and length depending on the animal they are suitable for. They can be chewed and gnawed so provide stimulation and benefits to the small animals teeth.
  • Plastic tunnels - These can be standalone, or commonly come with features than enable them to be attached to more tubing, so owners have control over the design, shape and length of the tunneling for their pet. There are also seesaw style attachments providing additional fun for the small animal.
  • Fleece tubes - These are loose, fleecy tubes supplied in various designs, enabling the animal to enjoy a cosy area to sleep, or providing a warm soft tube for rummaging and nesting.
  • Wooden tubes - Suitable for gnawing, these wooden tubes provide both stimulation and potential benefits to the teeth of the small animal.
  • Willow balls/tubes - Made from natural materials, these are suitable for gnawing, providing stimulation and potential benefits to the teeth of the small animal.

The Benefits Of Small Animal Tubes

  • The animal is encouraged to move around their space more, helping maintain their health with additional movement
  • The animal has a more stimulating environment which is beneficial to their overall wellbeing
  • The animal is encouraged to think and work for their food when it is hidden and placed within the small animal tubes
  • The owner enjoys watching the small animal interact with their tubes
  • The small animal has safe places to hide and sleep

Small Animal Tube Maintenance and Care

The type of tube will determine how it is maintained: 

  • Plastic tubing should be regularly rinsed in warm soapy water, dried and then reused. 
  • Wooden or willow tubes or balls should be monitored and removed or sanded down should they splinter. 
  • Soft fleece tubing should be rinsed and dried regularly. 

All products should be used according to manufacturer's instructions and safety guidance.

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