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Small Animals Paper Bedding

Keeping small animals is great fun for children and families and proper care is paramount for their happiness, health and longevity. Amongst the many considerations for bedding is small animals paper bedding. Choosing the right bedding is high on the list when owning an animal.

Advantages of paper bedding

Paper bedding is available in many guises but has generic advantages for the pet and the pet owner. Most paper bedding is dust and mite free which helps with the small animal's respiratory system. It's also highly absorbent, a non-irritant, completely hygienic and doesn't harm the pet when chewed. There are environmental benefits too, as paper bedding is 100% biodegradable and compostable and thus proves a most eco-friendly bedding option.

Small animals paper bedding variations

There are many different types of paper bedding available. These include paper pellets, paper tissue, paper wool and shredded tea bags, egg trays, newspapers, junk mail or light cardboard. There are also coloured options featuring non-toxic dyes that can add a little individuality to the pet's home environment.

Types of small animals suitable for paper bedding

Paper bedding for guinea pigs , gerbils, hamsters, rats, mice and other small animals is ideal. Many small animals like to nest for which paper bedding is also ideal. Burrowing small animals will naturally require a thicker layer of paper bedding. Paper is also an excellent choice for chickens, puppies and rabbit bedding .

Small animal care

Paper bedding should be changed at least once a week, accompanied by a thorough cleaning of the animal's cage . Cleaning may need to be undertaken more often, depending on the individual animal and the condition or odour of the paper material. Keeping small animal bedding clean and refreshed will ensure a happy and healthy pet.

Small animals paper bedding - a size to suit

Small animals paper bedding is conveniently packed to suit individual needs. It can be bought in small handy packs and bags or in compressed bales for larger or more long-term use. Whichever is chosen, paper bedding provides warmth, comfort and beneficial health advantages to help keep small animals in the best of condition and ensure small animal ownership is a happy and fulfilling experience.

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