Add Personality to Presents with Cute Small Gift Boxes

There's nothing like receiving a gift that's had a touch of personality added by the sender, and you can achieve this yourself by enclosing your little present in a small gift box. Whether it's for a humorous cartoon necklace or a ring charged with meaning, a gift box can make a nice gift even more special. You'll find both mini gift boxes and larger versions at inexpensive prices on eBay, so give the listings a good browse.

Different types of gift box suit different kinds of present

It's worth taking some time to think about the message you want to send with your gift box. If you're going to use it for an item of jewellery, you'll probably want something elegant and simple, and you can find plenty of ring gift box ideas by looking at the photos on eBay. Conversely, a present for a child's birthday will probably work well if it's fun and bright.

What should you look for in gift box listings?

The question of how to make small present boxes stand out from the crowd depends to a fair extent on who you're sending the present to and what you're enclosing. A few things you can consider are:

  • Lining: Small or fragile items such as earrings and watches will look great in a box that has a padded lining in a complementary colour.
  • Fastening: Especially with very small gift boxes, it's worth looking for one that can be securely closed with a latch or other fastener.
  • Shape: Classic small gift boxes with lids work well for most presents, but for a quirkier look you might want to consider more unusual designs.
Make sure the gift box is the right size

Ideally, gift boxes should fit the present inside snugly and securely, but without squashing it enough to cause damage. If you're sending a commercial product inside, then it will help to know its dimensions before you start. Check the manufacturer site for details. If the thing you're sending is homemade then small gift boxes may need to be packed a little more carefully. Check listings and photos carefully, and ask questions if you need any clarification.

How should you post small gift boxes?

If you're sending your gift box through the post, then make sure it's packed appropriately. Many small gift boxes can be safely sent through the standard mail service, but you may need to use a specialist service if you're posting something particularly fragile or valuable in either monetary or sentimental terms. Always make sure the present is well sealed inside the box before you pack it all up.