Frequently Asked Questions About Small TVs

A small TV, which is generally considered to be under 20 inches, can have many uses in your home. They're ideal for a smaller bedroom, a kitchen, or another room where wall space is limited. These TVs are available in this vast eBay collection in many different brands with various features to meet your needs.

What are some uses for small TVs?

A small-screen TV is ideal for use in a room where you have limited space. These TVs don't require much area for use. Most are relatively lightweight so you can install them easily on the wall if you wish. They can work well in a child's room, in the kitchen, or in any small room in your home. Small TVs are also ideal for gaming screens, RV usage, or even for tailgating. There are many affordable choices on eBay.

What features do small TVs have?

There are several optional features that can make your small TV more functional. The following is some information on features to look for when shopping for small televisions.

  • Smart features - Can connect to the internet to give access to your favourite online content
  • HDMI connection - Allows you to watch your favourite sports, shows, and movies in high-definition
  • Multiple connection options - Provides a way to connect gaming consoles, DVD players, and other devices
  • Remote control - Makes it easy to change channels, adjust the volume, or switch between inputs
  • TV stand - Can be used to place a TV on stable surface if you don't want to mount it on the wall
Can small TVs be mounted on the wall?

Most small flat-screen TVs found on eBay are quite easy to mount on the wall. When mounting your TV, you will need to choose a mount with hardware that's compatible with the size of the device. Most mounts are designed for compatibility based on the TV's screen size. You may also need some basic tools and a stud finder to safely mount the TV.

Do smaller TVs offer connection options similar to larger ones?

Many small TVs do offer the same connection capabilities. If you're purchasing a smaller TV for use as a gaming screen, it's important to read the product details to see if it's compatible with your device. Those who like watching TV in high-definition should be sure to choose a TV with one or more HDMI connections. Some smaller televisions will also have connection options for headphones, USB, coaxial, and others.