Find a New Rhythm or Fine-Tune Your Sound With a Snare Drum for Your Kit

Whether seeking a new snare drum for a different look, or to alter your sound, numerous new and used options can be found on eBay. Both the beginner and experienced drummer need the sharp staccato sound of a snare within a drum kit. Browse the differing sizes and types, and enjoy your search for the perfect beat.

How do you choose the size of a snare drum?

Depending on musical genre, you will want to create different depths and tones to your beat. A snare drum of 14” diameter and 5/6” depth will be good for general use. For a marching/pipe band sound, the greater depth of a field drum with a much larger diameter would be appropriate. 10-inch snare drums, such as a soprano or popcorn are higher in pitch at 5-7” deep. Shallow piccolo drums at 4.5” deep are higher pitched. Micro/mini snares often come in pairs and are available at around 6” diameter and a few inches deep.

What defines the drum as a snare?

The word snare refers to the group of thin coiled wires attached to the drum, which sit against the lower head and rattle when the drum is struck. The snare can also be made from synthetic gut wires, which deepens the sound.

Does is matter what material the snare drum is made from?

The composition of the shell has an effect on the sound produced, and the following are options:

  • Wooden: Often made from heat-set thin layers of ply. This is an all-purpose choice and is available in hundreds of designs to suit any band’s aesthetic.
  • Metal: On eBay, snare drums can be found in aluminium, bronze, brass, and steel. These create a crisp, loud sound and are available in both seamless and hammered shells.
  • More contemporary materials: Snare drums can be made from carbon-fibre, acrylic, titanium, and even glass. A good way to assess your needs is to research the type of drum used in the music you like to listen to.

Whichever you choose, there are several ways to vary the sound by adjusting the lugs and tension rods; with different degrees of muffling on the heads; or by adding products onto the heads, such as heavy-duty tape or gel blocks.

What are some of the prominent snare drum brands?

Choices are many, but amongst the top 10 best snare drums are Gretsch, Yamaha, Mapex, and Pearl, all available at high-end, medium-grade, and beginner prices.