Solar Garden & Patio Fountains

A Solar Water Feature Will Add Beauty to Your Landscape

A bubbling fountain adds a sense of calm and peace to an outdoor space. As you gaze at the flowing, sparkling streams and listen to their splashes, other sounds fade into the background, and you can breathe a little easier. If you are looking for a solar water feature for your outdoor space, there are many available at low prices on eBay.

What styles of water features are there in this collection?

There are many different tastes when it comes to outdoor decorations. For this reason, there are a variety of different styles of solar water fountains available. Some are simple water spouts. Others are miniature sculptures. Among the styles you can find in this eBay collection are the following:

  • Standing birdbath - Birdbaths come as single, level fountains or in multi-tiered models where water drops from one level to another. Having a fountain helps with some of the cleanliness issues that come with still water.
  • Cascading structure - Water is pumped up to the top level of the structure and then falls down a series of smaller structures or platforms.
  • Spitting fountains – This is a traditional fountain with an animal sculpture spitting water from its mouth.
  • Free-floating fountain - This fountain is designed for pools or ponds. It can be anchored to sit in one position or allowed to float around the water.
  • Submersible fountain - This fountain is designed to sit at or just below the water line, spraying water from a fixed position.
What are features of solar water fountains?

There are many models available, and the features vary. Some common features in this eBay collection are the following:

  • Solar-powered pump - The pump is run by the power of the sun. Fixed fountains have a separate solar panel. Floating fountains have the panel built into the fountain itself.
  • Stylistic design - From old-world spitting fountains to contemporary sculptures, you can find a water feature that will fit your personal style.
  • Multiple fountain flow styles - By changing the head on the fountain, you can change the design of the flow of water. You might like a single, dramatic jet shooting upward, or perhaps you prefer a broader, outward spray.
  • Suction attachment - Floating and submersible models can be attached by suction cups included with the fountain.
What are the benefits of a solar water feature?

A solar water feature can greatly improve the quality of your back garden. The sound of flowing water will provide white noise, covering less appealing, ambient sounds. In a pond or pool, a water fountain can aid in circulation and help reduce algae growth. Most importantly, a water feature is a simple way to make your back garden a little more beautiful.