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Keep you Solar System Fitted Securely with Solar Panel Brackets

Solar panel installation is a smart energy decision for both residential and commercial businesses. In a year, you get to make significant savings in electricity bills and carbon emissions. Solar panel brackets are an essential component of the solar panel system as they help secure the panels to the surface and optimise energy production. eBay offers an extensive selection of solar panel brackets for you to choose, depending on your needs and budget.

Which solar mounting bracket is ideal for your roof?

Depending on your specific roofing system, your options are:

  • The roof-penetrating rack: The most common mounting system for solar panels, the tray is mounted to the roof with additional screw holes where solar panels are attached. Some are designed to reduce the amount of drilling made on the roof and others are more visually appealing.
  • The non-drilling system: Suitable for tiled roofs and those made of metal. A unique rack is added on a tiled roof when installing this type of mounting system. For the metal roofs, a standing mounting system is used as it has protruding seams that provide a platform for secure attachment of these mounts.
  • Ground-level mounts: For houses that have unique rooftop designs, they adjust their angles to maximise exposure to the sun.
Do regular and flat roof use different solar mounting brackets?

Flat roof use solar mounting systems that have tilting rear legs to create a more substantial wind loading, and ensure proper drainage of rain and dew. The inclined rear legs also protect the roof from strong winds. Standard roofing systems like metal roofs use L brackets, which are usually attached to the roof screw points and rails. The solar panels are then mounted to the rails using special clamps. Note that the bracket should not touch the metal roof to avoid premature rusting.

Should you choose anodised aluminium mounts or aluminium mounts with a mill finish?

Solar panel brackets that have anodised finishes are more expensive, but have more of an aesthetic appeal. Anodised solar mounts are pre-oxidised to create a thin layer that is resistant to corrosion, so are suitable for coastal regions with high salt content in the air. Mounts with a mill finish, on the other hand, will oxidise as they get exposed to moisture and air. As such, mounts with a mill finish tend to oxidise much faster in moist and salty conditions.

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