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Solar Powered Garden Lighting

Illuminate Your Garden With Solar Panel Lights

Whether you want to create a relaxing outdoor space for parties and BBQs, show off your landscaping, or improve your home and garden security, solar panel lights offer a versatile solution to all of your garden lighting dilemmas. Check out eBay to find solar panel lights of every imaginable type and colour, all in one place. With both new and used solar panel lights available, you are sure to find the perfect light to fit your style and budget.

How do solar garden lights work?

Solar garden lights are powered by a solar cell, also known as a photovoltaic cell. When sunlight hits the cell, it creates a chemical reaction that generates electricity. The electricity that is generated is then stored in a battery to allow the lights to be switched on at night.

Where should solar panel lights be placed?

For optimum results, try to ensure that your solar lights are placed in an area where they will be exposed to as much sunlight as possible, ideally avoiding shade from trees and building structures.

What type of light bulb do solar panel lights use?

LED lights are the most common type of light used for solar powered garden lights. Solar power and LED lights work particularly well together because LEDs are durable, highly efficient, very bright, and use less energy than conventional lights.

What are the advantages of installing solar panel lights?

Solar panel lights do not require any electrical wiring, making them easy to install. Solar power is also an environmentally friendly way of generating energy, and once the light has been purchased there will be no ongoing running costs.

What types of solar panel lights are available?

There is a wide range of outdoor solar lights available, including:

  • Security lights: Usually mounted onto the house, often by the front door. Solar panel security lights are available both with timers and with motion activation (PIR) sensors.
  • Decorative lights: Designed to create a warm glow in the garden and add atmosphere to outdoor spaces. Decorative lights are available in a range of colours, styles, and finishes, including spotlights, hanging lanterns, torch lights, fairy lights, and globe lights.
  • Waymarker lights: These small lights help to guide you along a path or driveway, illuminating potential hazards such as path edges and steps.
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