Bring the Party to Life With a Sonos Play 5 Speaker

When you have a special get together, the Sonos Play 5 brings you great sound at an affordable price. These speakers available on eBay have a brilliant tone and a heavy bass setup so you can hear the full range of sound. The Sonos Play 5 connects easily with any device.

Does the Sonos Play 5 use Bluetooth?

This device uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. This is mainly so that you can listen to music without being interrupted via a phone call. Wi-Fi also tends to stream more continuously. You can connect this setup with Airplay 2 as well as an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Dot.

How much volume do these speakers have?

Feel free to add these speakers to an amp or a full speaker setup, but they don't need it. They are on the larger side, so you may not play a full setup at full volume if you choose to pair these speakers with other ones. They make a good addition to a multi-speaker setup for surround sound. They will provide enough volume for a television and a fairly loud party on their own, however.

Will the quality change when these speakers are used horizontally?

The Sonos Play 5 has a totally uncompromising sound quality no matter how you set the speakers. You can trust this setup to sound just as good on the bass whether they are set on the bottom or the side. The sound quality has been called pure and intense by some folks, and you'll find that it is true no matter how you set the speakers up.

What hanging setup do the Sonos Play 5 speakers take?

You can set up these speakers in the following few ways:

  • Wall hangers: These allow you to hang the speakers higher and move the sound around the room at an angle. Some mounts are horizontal and have a clip available so that you can set the speakers down inside the wall mount.
  • Stand mounts: These lift your speakers to about the height of a TV usually though that is not true for every pair. They are perfect for making surround sound or hiding in the corner of the room.
  • Desk or tabletop: You can set these speakers down anyway on the table or desktop. They are on the larger side, so make sure to allow plenty of room. You can see manufacturer site for details.
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