Upgrade Your Home Entertainment System with a Sony Bravia TV

The market for smart televisions has experienced tremendous technological advancements over the last decade. Sony, a renowned producer of quality television sets, continuously strives to improve their products every year. All Sony Bravia TV sets offer HDR, and they support HDR10 right out of the box. eBay stocks a wide range of Sony television sets, including the Sony Bravia TV:

What should you consider when buying a Sony TV?

The wide array of high-definition and 4K ultra-HD sets available is indicative of how overwhelming it can be trying to choose the right TV set. Look at the resolution; the more pixels, the sharper the picture. The contrast ratio is also imperative when choosing a TV set. It shows the range of brightness that a TV can display; high ratios will display subtler hues and shadows. Also, verify the number of connections available. The TV should have an HDMI connection as well as additional ports for audio and gaming consoles.

What features does HDR bring to the Sony Bravia TV?

HDR, or high dynamic range, is a feature that enhances contrast levels, colours, and screen brightness. By increasing the contrast, HDR can produce pictures which appear more realistic. HDR is an upgrade to ultra-HD and 4K picture formats. The most basic standard for this feature is the HDR10. You can also find TV sets with ultra-HD Premium modes.

Should you buy an LCD, LED, or OLED Sony Bravia TV?This is a lingering question for many people when trying to decide on a Sony Bravia TV. Here is some insight to help you choose the right TV for you:
  • LCD: These use light-emitting diodes to dynamically light up particular portions of the screen while dimming others. This presents a mixture of light and dark areas on the screen; a feature known as local dimming.
  • LED: These use light-emitting diodes which are fit directly behind the screen and can individually light up. The arrangement creates highly detailed pictures when it comes into contrast.
  • OLED: This technology uses a few dozen lighting zones. Rather than utilising backlight, OLEDs have a layer of organic LEDs that are controlled at pixel-level to achieve a great intensity of contrast. Many TV models, including a Sony Bravia, actively use this screen technology on large displays.
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