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Sony Camcorder Tapes

Keep your memories safe with the wide range of Sony camcorder tapes for use with many different camcorders. Sony camcorder tapes are available in a range of formats, from MiniDV to Hi8.

Make your own home videos with a Sony camcorder using Sony tapes provide sharp, clear recordings and superb stereo sound reproduction.


MiniDV tapes give excellent picture quality for everyday use and create a perfect digital picture with high resolution - exceeding 500 lines. This high-quality, metal-evaporated tape is durable and has superior tape transport. The diamond like carbon coating protective layer prevents shedding and drop out.

With the option to use LP mode to record more; with the 60-minute tapes LP mode will give you 90 minutes. The tapes have their own plastic case with labels and inserts and most come in cost-saving multi-packs.


Sony Hi8 tapes are for 8mm, Hi8 or Digital8 camcorders . With metal particle and digital 8 tape, these are superior-quality tapes for sharp, clear recordings with excellent sound reproduction.

These tapes will run for 90 minutes on SP and 180 on LP with 8mm or Hi8 camcorders; or 60 minutes on SP and 90 minutes on LP with Digital8 camcorders.


Sony DVCAM video cassette tapes feature advanced metal evaporated tape. This professional digital 6mm high-definition video tape provides superior image quality. Recording time is 64 minutes on SP and 96 minutes on LP.

Usually supplied in a storage box, the tape measures 12 cm by 7.5 cm and is ideal for master copies or re-recording due to its durability.

DVD disc

For use with any DVD recorder, these 8mm rewritable DVDs are compatible for playback on most DVD players. The 1.4GB capacity provides 60 minutes of recording in LP, 30 minutes in SP and 20 minutes in high-quality mode. Scratch Guard reduces the risk of picture deterioration.

Cleaning cassettes

Sony cleaning cassettes are also available, using them on a regular basis will allow you to keep your recording trouble-free.

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