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Sony Camera Underwater Case and Housing

Taking pictures underwater is now easier than ever with a Sony camera underwater case and housing. These underwater cases will protect your digital camera from water damage and allow you take pictures in places you never thought possible before. Whether you are looking to take your camera snorkelling and diving, capture winter sporting action or just take pictures in the snow and rain, these waterproof cases will offer the right protection.

Depending on the model, Sony underwater cases will allow you to dive up to 60 metres below the surface and still maintain functionality of your camera. They are available to fit a range of different Sony digital cameras so you can continue to take beautiful pictures without having to worry about damaging your camera.

These cases come with a special flat lens which wards against refraction and distortion under water. This is ideal if you're looking for a reliable case that will give you images with a clear and focused finish. Some of the lots also include camera lens filters for clearer pictures.

You can choose from a range of different colours and designs including transparent, black and yellow. The yellow case adds greater visibility to your camera if you are stuck in less than favourable weather conditions. Some of the cases also include a removable hand or wrist strap so even if you get caught on a wave you'll be able to keep hold of your camera.

A giant in the technology world, Sony first began in 1947 as Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. Founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, the company changed their name to Sony in 1958.

Sony's name itself is a combination of two separate words. The first is the Latin word 'sonus' which is the root of sonic and sound. The second is 'sonny', a slang term used in America in the 1950s to refer to a boy or young man. The term 'sonny boys' was used in Japan in the same era for those who were considered to be smart and presentable young men, which the founders considered themselves to be.

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