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Got one to sell?

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Sony DVD Camcorder

Although many cameras and smartphones can also record video, there are many occasions when you may want the quality and control that recording footage with a camcorder, or video camera recorder, will give you. A Sony DVD camcorder provides that quality and control.

Camcorders have been around in a form that we recognise since the early 1980s when Sony produced the first version that were available for the general consumer. Technology has galloped ahead since those early days and today's camcorders are very different to the originals. Not only are they digital, many are a fraction of the size of those from the 1980s. Sony was again at the forefront of technology when they started selling the first digital consumer camcorders in 2004.

Sony has produced a wide range of camcorders over the years to suit your requirements and your budget. There are models which are great for recording family occasions, from birthdays to days out. For the video enthusiasts, there are models whose extensive manual controls allow for creativity with professional results.

DVD camcorders use 8cm CVDs to record footage. By making sure you use DVD+RW discs, you can rerecord to your heart's content.

Handycam from Sony

Sony Handycam camcorders use mini DVDs which are easily played back on a computer's DVD drive. Sony provides all the support you need to ensure that you get the best results from your DVD camcorder.

With features such as colour touch screens, surround sound and rechargeable batteries, Sony DVD camcorders are still great to use, producing impressive results.

Sony camcorders use exceptional quality Carl Zeiss manufactured lenses. With both manual and automatic focus (amount of zoom will depend on the model), you get excellent footage which you'll want to keep for years and years.

Sony DVD camcorders can be used by the whole family, ensuring that you have a selection of memories for everyone to enjoy.

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