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Sony Digital Cameras

Sony Corporation is a branch within The Sony Group, which are a worldwide electronic, motion picture, music and finance company founded in Tokyo in 1946. Sony offers a number of digital cameras and is one of the biggest manufactures of digital cameras worldwide.

With three main types of Sony digital cameras, you'll need to ensure the camera fits with your needs and requirements. This will depend on your level of photography, but the models range from compact, bridge, mirrorless interchangeable lens model to digital SLR. So no matter whether you enjoy photography as a hobby or professionally, there is a digital camera that is right for you within the Sony digital cameras range.

Megapixel of digital camera

The cameras come in a range of megapixels from 10-11.9MP to over 20MP. The more megapixels that are in your camera then the higher resolution and better quality of photo it will take. If you're looking to take the best quality photos then you should think of getting a digital camera that has lots of megapixels as this means it will produce higher resolution images.

Type of digital camera

Sony offers different types of digital cameras that are the digital SLR; compact, mirrorless interchange lens and bridge, each of which has an array of Sony camera accessories and additional equipment to suit.

Digital SLR cameras

Digital SLR cameras offer a large number of features and a combination of the optics and mechanisms. They are perfect cameras for professional photographers because of the large amount and variety of features available. The viewfinder lets the photographer see exactly what is going to be captured resulting in more precision and accuracy, whilst you also have more choice in the type of Sony camera lenses or flashes to ensure it is versatile enough around your needs.

Bridge cameras

Bridge cameras are similar to digital SLR cameras with a few less features meaning they have some professional qualities but are a lot simpler to use. These cameras are best suited towards an intermediary photography level.

Compact cameras

Compact cameras are the simplest digital cameras available meaning they are perfect for everyday, simple use. They still have the features needed to produce good quality images such as a flash and brightness settings.

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens

The mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera is different to the other camera types available as it has a changeable lens. It does not have a moveable mirror in the optical path that can make them a lot more easier and simpler to use in comparison to a Sony digital SLR .

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