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Sony Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

Almost all laptops come with a power adapter or a charger, but many fall victim to wear and tear, accidental damage or a bored family pet. Choosing a new power adapter is important because the money and time it takes to replace the item, during which the laptop cannot readily be used, is very inconvenient.

When it comes to choosing Sony laptop power adapters and chargers, you must make sure that it is compatible with the model of your Sony laptop . There are a number of other factors you must also consider.

Nationality of the charger

Wall sockets look different all over the world. Be sure that you are buying one for the correct country or buy an adapter. Many British and European customers find this out at the very last minute when buying electronics online from the US, Canada or Asia.

Difference between adapters and chargers

This may seem odd, but there are different types of electrical power use. Laptops, as well as mobile phones and portable DVD players, use DC (Direct Current) power. Most wall sockets use AC (Alternating Current) and this means that between leaving the wall and entering the laptop battery, the power needs to be adapted. This is where the power adapter comes in. The adapter is what people recognise as the big black box attached to the charging cable.

The actual charger section is different and it is the cord that is designed for your particular device. It will make sure only the right amount of power goes into the right place safely and securely. Make sure if it is intended for wall use that you buy both parts and not just one.

Making your choice

Even among the Sony brand, many laptops have different charging ports. Make sure to check what type of laptop you have and match the model with the laptop charger you buy to avoid disappointment. You can search for your choice via the voltage. For example, you could look for a 19.5v charger or you could even look for the wattage like a Sony 40W charger.

Always buy genuine Sony products when you can, as these will have been made to rigorous safety standards.

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