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Sony PC Laptops and Netbooks

Sony Laptops and Netbooks

If you wish to carry a computer around with you, Sony laptops and netbooks will provide a range of options for you to choose from. Well known for their quality and technological innovation, you know that by choosing a Sony laptop or netbook youll be using a brand of portable computer that millions of other people trust for their computing needs.

A laptop or a netbook

Netbooks are designed to access the Internet, so they are more lightweight than a traditional laptop. The in built memory capacity for a netbook will be lower than that of a laptop, with your files being accessible in the cloud, rather than stored on the machine itself. A laptop will feature more memory storage, allowing you to keep your programs and files on the laptop.

Some types of Sony laptops and netbooks

One of the most famous individual models of laptop computer is the Sony Vaio . There are many different model numbers available, with a range of colours and sizes to fit your preference. The larger the screen size (from 13 inches to 17 inches and beyond), the more files youll be able to have open on the screen at one time.

Other variations include the memory capacity. Laptops allow you to store more programs and files on the computer itself than netbooks do, with various sizes of memory from 128Gb and up.

Sony XP laptops are also still available and use the classic XP operating system.

You can find Sony laptops and netbooks that also operate as a tablet device, with the screen being able to be detached from the keyboard part of the computer, so you can carry it around with you more easily.

About the Sony brand

The Sony Corporation started life in the mid 1940s in Japan. They are an extremely well known manufacturer of electronics goods and have built up into being one of the most successful companies in the world, featuring on the Fortune 500 list of global firms.