Sony PS3 Video Games

Pick your favourite adventure and immerse yourself into the world of gaming with Sony PS3 video games. From strategy games, adventures to shooting games, you'll find something you love.

Because the PS3 is no longer the newest PlayStation console, you've got the advantage that you may be able to grab cheaper second-hand copies or even bundles of PS3 games to bulk up your gaming collection.


Undergo a quest in strange fantastical lands. Lead characters through peril in a classic PS3 adventure game. Get a hold of the complete collection of the Uncharted series, or explore various historical locations as a well-trained assassin in Assassin's Creed. These fast-paced immersive games will keep you occupied and entertained for many hours.


Get the adrenaline pumping with some exciting action games. Whether you want to fight your way through histories biggest conflicts, shoot your way through a spaceship or prove yourself as the ultimate martial artist, there's an action game to suit you. From the phenomenally successful Call of Duty series to Tekken and Mortal Kombat.

Family Games

Play as a team or get a game that's great for the little ones to play on the PS3. Family PS3 games such as Little Big Planet are perfect to learn and play along with or choose a fun Disney or LEGO game.

Retro Games

If you miss the old games consoles of your youth, try retro games on your PS3. For instance, you can get a disc that contains loads of SEGA games from the original Mega Drive, converted especially for modern play.

Multiplayer Games

If you're looking to get some friends round and game together, you'll want to choose multiplayer games to compete against each other. Check out Fifa games or Fast and Furious. If you want something to get the party into full swing, take a look at Singstar, Guitar Hero or Just Dance to have a musically inspired game party together.