Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Sony PlayStation 1 Consoles

The PlayStation is a home video game console released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 1995. The console single-handedly revolutionised the gaming industry. It is the first computer entertainment platform to sell over 100 million units, exemplifying its immense popularity. Five years after its release, a slimmer, redesigned version was released called the PSOne.

Due to their age, brand new in the box PlayStation 1 consoles are hard to find. This makes for affordable, second-hand units the most popular choice. If you already have PS1 games, controllers and wires, go for just the PlayStation or PSOne console itself. For those who need a whole new setup, opt for a bundle. Some bundles can include the PlayStation 1, a variety of PS1 games, all necessary cables, a Dualshock controller and some additional accessories, like a gun used for shooting games or a PlayStation 1 carry case.

Other variants include consoles of different colours, such as bright red, yellow and even pink as well as portable versions. Portable PlayStation 1 consoles come complete with a flip up screen and can be easily plugged into the mains and set up just about anywhere.


The PlayStation one control pad, the Dualshock, is available in a variety of colours. There are also a variety of official and unofficial controllers for sale, each with unique features and comfort aspects. In order to play games with more than two people, a Multitap is needed. This peripheral allows for up to four controllers and memory cards to be plugged in.

In order to save your progress in games, you will need a memory card. Both official and unofficial memory cards simply need to be plugged into the console and they will allow you to save your game in a similar fashion to a USB flash drive.

Some televisions nowadays do not have AV ports, but the PlayStation can only be plugged into a television through an AV connection. If your television does not have an AV port, you will need to buy an AV to HDMI converter.

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